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Free Camping Tips

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Camping Recipes

This is our site for camping recipes. But along with the recipes, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some camping tips, too.

Camping Tips

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  • For a simple, dirt / leaf / bug-free hand washing, put a bar of soap in a knee high stocking and tie it onto the faucet.

  • To make cleanup easier, coat the bottom and sides of your cooking pot or skillet with liquid soap before placing it on an open campfire.

  • When you are through cooking, place a can of water on the fire to heat so there will be hot water to help clean with.

  • When getting ready to clean up, a crumpled ball of foil makes a good scouring pad for pots and pans.

  • Be respectful of the outdoors and keep your campsite as Mother Nature intended it to be. By camping and cooking conscientiously, you can leave your site looking as if you were never there.

  • To keep your bacon from shriveling in the pan, sprinkle a few drops of water on it.

  • Put bread in a shoe box to keep it from being smashed.

  • Use large Ziploc bags for mixing foods.

  • Keep all camping stuff in a rubbermaid tote. This way everything is ready to go when needed.

  • Make a menu before you leave. This way you always have an idea of what you can eat.

  • Plan out your meals ahead of time and do all the marinating and chopping before you leave home. Keep everything in Ziploc bags to keep it fresh. This allows more time to relax and enjoy the outdoors while camping.

  • Use a block of ice for the cooler and leave it in the bag. It won’t melt as fast and the bag will prevent the water from leaking.

  • Keep a list of things to remember to bring with you or do before you leave handy. You can always delete and add things as needed. That way you won’t forget something when its time to hit the road.

  • Try freezing your bottled water before you leave. It stays frozen longer than ice cubes and is less messy.

  • Try packaging up all your meat, i.e., burgers, steaks, steak tips, in Ziploc bags and marinate or season, then freeze. Throw it in the cooler and off you go. It serves as extra ice as it thaws.

Things to Remember

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  • Wear appropriate clothing. If you are going camping in the mountains, remember it is cooler at higher elevations. And when building a campfire or cooking don’t wear loose clothing that will get in the way and possibly catch fire.

  • Food will likely burn if you sit a pan on top of hot coals.

  • Foods will not cook if it is too far from the heat source.

  • Don’t rush by cooking over a fire instead of a bed of hot coals.

  • When cooking is done, be sure to cool all coals or make sure that everyone is aware of them. Hot coals and bare feet are not a good idea.

Check out our hints about how to build a campfire.

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Building a Campfire Camping Tips

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